1-99 woodcutting guide

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1-99 woodcutting guide

Post by ImHusband on Tue Dec 08, 2015 3:54 pm

Hello guys, welcome to my first skilling guide.
Today I'll be helping you with a walkthrough for 1-99 woodcutting.

First of all, you'll need 10500 (10,5k) coins, to buy an iron and a rune hatchet, they cost respectively 500 and 10k gp.
You can buy them at the skilling store either at ::home (behind edgeville bank) or at ::Dz (donator zone).

Then, you'll want to go to the woodcutting skilling zone. To do this, you'll need to teleport ::home and then talk to Max (behind edgeville bank) and go through the dialogue (click "more options" if you don't see it at first) and click on woodcutting. You'll be teleported to Seers village.
A quick tour of seer's village woodcutting wise: Behind the bank you will find willows, maples and oaks. In front of the bank (the other side of the "road") you can find Oaks, trees and willows. Proceed further south and you will find a chapel. There you can find yews. Proceed further south-west and you'll eventually find two magic trees.

Here's a table I made with Photoshop representing the different tree-types and which ones and how many you'll need to cut for each levels group.
Sorry if the quality isn't the best, but obviously since for every server the experience is different I had to make it myself.

Hope this guide helped you. I'm going to post more guides for the newcomers soon! I'll make one guide for each skill Smile


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