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Post by ImHusband on Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:49 am

-Add a shoutbox
-Add ranks (staff and non) E.g: veteran (1.5+ years on forums) , shoutbox moderator etc..
-Change layout - black and white is stunning in my opinion but who cares about my opinion anyway.

-Fix skills like crafting and farming. You can't craft the gems (and it would currently be the only way to train it up)
-Fix graphical bugs at barrows.
-Add dicing (I know you've coded it already, just add it)
-Why the hell do we need to type in the developer console to teleport or to perform any :: action? It's annoying.
-Expand the XP counter's limit. Currently I am a bit over 300m exp total and it only says "lots". It's annoying to have to calculate the total XP yourself. I'm lazy, deal with it.
-Titles: I think titles should be earned with PvMing, Pking, Skilling and Minigames. ::title x isn't an accomplishment at all and spawnable titles should be removed.


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